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Be Well Group of hospitals is establishing a new order of health care delivery to ensure accessible, affordable, and quality care available to all. You will find seamless care for all your medical needs because we have brought our entire multidisciplinary team of experts together to provide advanced treatment for you.

best neurology hospital in chennai
neurology hospital in chennai

Neurology & NeuroSurgery

Neurology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders within the nervous system. It includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It’s a complicated system and hence needs precise expertise.

Neurosurgeons at Be Well Hospitals are renowned for their extensive knowledge and experience. Neuro speciality is not only for critical patients but also for patients with most minor problems. Early detection of symptoms also helps our doctors to mitigate possible risks and provide better treatment.

At Be Well Hospitals, we have all experts under one roof. It makes it stress-free for the patient to reach out to a specialist doctor based on their requirement. Multi-disciplinary consultation for patients with various disorders also becomes more accessible in such a setup.

We are prepared 24x7 to attend to any neurological emergencies that might arise anytime. Comprehensive diagnostic services and immediate care is provided to patients round the clock without wasting a minute, which is vital for neuro emergencies. All neuro-surgeries are done by the best neurosurgeons. We also have specially trained staff to assist our doctors in the operation theatre. All machinery and apparatus are double-checked before every surgery and proper hygiene is maintained throughout. A dedicated team is also appointed for surgery aftercare.

We also provide comprehensive neuro-trauma services and the diagnosis and management of various seizure disorders, stroke, neuromuscular disorders, peripheral neuropathies, chronic pain, neuro-infections, oncological neurosurgeries, and peripheral nerve surgery, physiotherapy & occupational therapy, spinal neurosurgery, etc.


neurology hospital in chennai

Comprehensive neuro-trauma services

Diagnosis and management of various seizure disorders

neurology hospital in chennai

Management and treatment of stroke

Management of neuromuscular disorders, peripheral neuropathies, chronic pain, neuro-infections

neurology hospital in chennai

Oncological neurosurgery

neurology hospital in chennai

Peripheral nerve surgery

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Spinal neurosurgery


  • We have brought our entire multidisciplinary team of experts together to provide advanced treatment for you

  • We have highly qualified and experienced doctors team

  • We are screening, masking, and using advanced sterilization procedures to keep you safe when you enter.

  • Be Well offers you Afforadable and Accessible Price for all

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