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Be Well Group of hospitals is establishing a new order of health care delivery to ensure accessible, affordable, and quality care available to all. You will find seamless care for all your medical needs because we have brought our entire multidisciplinary team of experts together to provide advanced treatment for you.

best gastroenterology hospital in chennai
gastroenterology hospital in chennai


Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine that deals with the disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. We follow a holistic approach and provide complete treatment of all diseases concerning the esophagus, stomach, gall bladder, liver, bile ducts, small intestine, colon & rectum, and pancreas.

We have the best team of gastroenterologists and surgeons who follow cutting-edge technology minimizing the discomfort and recovery time of patients suffering from various diseases like hernias, tumors, and other severe conditions. Preeminent treatment is also provided for other pancreatic disorders, digestive issues due to nutritional imbalance or deficiency, esophageal diseases, heartburn, colon cancer, irritable bowel, jaundice, Hepatitis B and C, and obesity-related issues.

Be Well Hospitals are building a niche in medical services by providing the best services, proficient doctors, skilled staff, and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment under one roof with world-class infrastructure. The availability of multiple experts from a single field also increases the credibility of treatment provided to patients with serious diseases.

One of our best services includes minimally invasive surgical techniques like endoscopic surgery (no incisions) and laparoscopic surgery (small incisions for vital surgeries). Endoscopic surgery is also used largely as a diagnostic method to promptly detect severe diseases demanding quick medical attention. With such facilities and technologies, our team of experts can give exemplary results which is a major contributing factor in setting the image of Be Well Hospitals as one of the best gastroenterology hospitals in Chennai.



gastroenterology hospital in chennai

Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

gastroenterology hospital in chennai


gastroenterology hospital in chennai

Gastrointestinal infections

gastroenterology hospital in chennai

Liver Biopsy-outine, transjugular biopsies and Hepatic Portal Venous Gas measurements (HPVG)

gastroenterology hospital in chennai

Placement of feeding tubes-gastrostomy (PEG) and jejunostomy tubes

gastroenterology hospital in chennai



  • We have brought our entire multidisciplinary team of experts together to provide advanced treatment for you

  • We have highly qualified and experienced doctors team

  • We are screening, masking, and using advanced sterilization procedures to keep you safe when you enter.

  • Be Well offers you Afforadable and Accessible Price for all

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