The age-old gastric problems have left people with answers untold as to why they aren't able to get away from gastric issues and what is the reason that's keeping them down with all the discomfort.

Gastritis can stay in your body as long as it can but there are several reasons behind it that you should know and cure in the best way possible.

Reasons for Gastritis
Food Gapping

Untimely intake of meals or skipping meals results in the formation of Gas which moves around your body causing discomfort. Meal gapping should be avoided or should be done in a limited way. The ideal meal gap between Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner should be 4 hours as the body takes two hours to digest the food. In between these gaps, one should add fruits as a snack. Having meals at untimely intervals may also lead to acidity.

Less Intake of water

To avoid gastric problems, one should drink plenty of water (3 liters a day) to keep gastric issues away. Water ensures good digestion efficiency and thus if there's less intake of water for days or weeks, foods take time to digest leading to the formation of gas. Keep in mind that the (3 liters) mentioned above includes water intake which takes place through fruits and vegetables. Drinking more than enough water is harmful to your health and the kidney is incapable of handling so much water resulting in the dilution of the components of the blood that gives rise to swelling of the brain and other vital organs.

Kidney Stones

Sometimes unending gastric discomfort may result as a sign of Kidney stones. Polycystic kidney diseases lead to enlarged kidneys and abnormal enlargement of the abdomens. Pain or discomfort through the gas is common in these cases. If the pain persists and gets more severe, kindly consult a doctor.


Smoking is one of the most common reasons behind many diseases didn't forget to keep an eye on Gastric issues. Nicotine and other toxins present in Cigarettes increase the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach which promotes Gas. It is advisable for people to not have cigarettes as it limits good health and illness-free life.

Eating fast

Eating foods fast involves swallowing air with the food chunks which get out when you burp. Loose-fitted dentures also act as an entry gate for the air. All the air swallowed while chewing fast or smoking either gets out as a burp or is absorbed by the intestine which leaves flatulence. It is advised to eat or chew slowly to avoid extra intake of air while avoiding gastric issues.

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