Simple and Easy Home Exercises to Help With Your Joint Pain

Finding it hard to walk properly?

Does it happen that you need to take rest while walking or doing any regular activities while your joints hurt a lot. It's because your joints are becoming rusty.

In simple words, you might have arthritis or you're moving towards it. It is time for you to stop having painkillers and move to an active routine of simple home exercising which would strike off arthritis or joint pain from your life.

Here are some simple and easy home exercises that would help you with your joint pain

For Knees

Double Knee to Chest

Lie down and bring both of your knees up till your chest. Take your hand and place them below the knee area and hold it on top of the shin bone. Hold your knees to your chest for ten seconds and then release.

Double Knee to Chest

Sit on a chair that's high enough for your knee to bend to a ninety degree angle at a horizontal position. Slowly stretch your knee back and forth (Up and down) and repeat it 20 times.

For Hips

Straight leg Piriformis stretch

Lie down on your back and raise your left leg and make it cross your body to the right side and make sure it touches the ground and take it back. Do it 15 times for each leg.

Hip Flexion

Stand straight, take your left hand and get a support ( a table, a chair or a wall). Lift your right leg up at the level of your waist, hold for a second and bring it down.Repeat it at least 10 times. Do it the same for the left leg.

For Shoulders

Across the chest stretch

Take your right arm across the chest, place it in the crease of your left elbow. Provide support from your left hand and hold it for a minute. Do it the same for the right hand. Repeat 5-6 times for each hand.

Shoulder circles

Take a chair and put your left hand on the top of it while you hang your right hand. Circle your right hand 5 times to each in each direction. Do it the same for the left hand

For Ankles

Ankle Circles

It is very simple. Keep your foot above 20 inches from the floor. Just rotate your ankles five times to your right, and five times to your left.

Towel stretch

Sit on the floor, keeping your legs straight. Take a towel and wrap It around your toes and slightly pull it backwards until you feel the stretch at the bottom of your feet. Hold it for 30 secs and then release. Continue it for three times.

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