"With a healthy heart, the beat goes on"

Older people are often seen being trapped with cardiovascular diseases which naturally deteriorate their heart health and invite more illnesses.

To all the elderly people or to all the daughters and sons who are finding an active way for their old ones at home, Here is a guide to some intensity-leveled exercises that promote good heart health and help those with heart issues live healthy lives.

The way towards good heart health:

Low-intensity exercises

A slow-paced walk increases the heart and breathing rate by a little margin and helps start the good heart health journey at the right rate. Low-intensity exercises also include recreational swimming as its part. These exercises are curated for people who are aged and are prone to several medical conditions.

Age range - 60-80

The way towards good heart health:

These kinds of exercises are for people who have fewer medical conditions. Some of the exercises include - Brisk walking, swimming, and dancing, these are also known as aerobic exercises which enable a higher heart and breathing rate than the lower-intensity exercises. The benefit of doing moderate-intensity exercises is that they involve large muscle groups to work

Healthy older adults who have heart issues and are also diabetic should go for these activities which help in reducing weight while keeping the heart in a stable state.

People who are in their retirement phase and are moving into a new life with a plan of traveling places may consider hiking on their bucket list. It attracts more energy and enthusiasm while they hike their way to the destination.

Age range - 45-60

High-intensity exercises

Running, Cycling, or strength training through mild weights are some types of high-intensity. These exercises ask your heart to beat faster than ever as the gapping or resting period between these intense exercises is less. Exercises such as Burpees, spot jogging, jumping jacks, and mountain climbing (a name of a workout) fall in the high-intensity cardio category.

It is recommended for people who have joint pain or muscle injuries to not go for these exercises as these involve rapid movement of joints and muscles which acts as a risk factor to health and may leave a strong impact. In such cases, a little bit of jogging and a mixture of moderate-intensity exercises will work fine. Age range - 35 - 45

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