Irritation stays at its peak when someone goes through an eye infection. Although people can see a Doctor and get prescribed medicines, there are easier ways to heal conjunctivitis with simple home remedies.

It is time for you to get some minutes and get hold of these helpful home remedies to heal yourself from Conjunctivitis.

Tea Bags

Tea bags ( Green tea, black tea, chamomile and rooibos) have anti-inflammatory qualities. Placing a cooled tea bag on the infected eye might help reduce the inflammation.

Warm Compress

A relief provider and a cure for eye infection is the use of a warm compress. If the eyes are sore, if there's irritation or if there's an infection, a warm compress soothes the eyes and also acts as a cure for the underlying infection.

Salt Water

Having anti-microbial properties, salt water or saline water acts as an effective home remedy for eye infections. One of the attractive reasons behind the use of salt water is that our eyes itself produce teardrops which are similar to saline water and act as a natural cleanser.

Cold Compress

A cold compress helps reduce the irritation and swelling of the infected eye.

Although it doesn't cure the infection as a warm compress, it can provide a good amount of relief.

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