It happens that you're sleeping or walking or sitting normally and suddenly there's a pain in your calves, hamstrings or quad muscles that strikes and shakes you up and you don't know what to do and just wait for the pain to reside. It is a muscle cramp that makes you go through this situation.

There can be various reasons to let muscle cramps occur. For eg - Over usage of muscles, ageing, low on electrolytes, improper hydration etc.

But, how does one avoid muscle cramps?

For that, grab a bottle of water and start reading further.

Ways to avoid muscle cramps.

  1. Warm-up or stretch before workout or sport activity

You might be working out daily or going out for sport activities frequently but you aren't stretching your muscles before doing all of it. This is the most common reason that leads to muscle cramps. Stretch muscles before getting involved in a sport activity or intense workout.

  1. Hydrate yourself from time to time

While you're physically involved in activities, make sure you have enough liquids to avoid dehydration. Your body loses water when you're involved in intense physical activities, liquids help keep energy at a stable level.

  1. Sodium is important. Don't over-hydrate.

While an athlete or a person who's into intense training loses out sodium through sweat, he/she needs to get it replaced. Over-hydrating with water can let muscle cramps occur while training. Drink electrolyte water to avoid such situations.

  1. Have foods high in potassium

Have Bananas, avocados and potatoes because these are rich in potassium and they help keep muscle cramps away from your body.

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